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I am a Potato, sometimes a Squid, Mostly a lady.

I love to draw and write, with interests/fandoms constantly changing. Though one thing that never seems to waver is my love for my ocs. Specifically my main darling. My OTP also actually has stuck as well, even as I find new fandoms. Nothing beats my feels for Eames/Arthur. Though atm I also have deep love for Illya/Napoleon.


I am currently reading: A ton of fanfiction in iBooks and on Ao3

My current Tv shows: Broad City, Austrailias Next Top Model, Clarence, Youre the Worst, Bobs Burgers, South Park, The 90s, Scientology (that leah remini show)

Movies I am fannish over atm: Pretty Much Uber Focused on The Man from Uncle because my Napollya feelingsssss

Music I frequent on my spotify these days: Regina Spektor, Rufus Wainwright, Gorillaz, Grizzly Bear, Ilaria Graziano, Andrew Bird, The 1975
+ a few composers I adore for relaxing: Hanz Zimmer, Danny Elfman, Yaan Tiersan, Alexandre Desplat, Howard Shore


I have been writing fanfiction for years but have only posted one on my Ao3 for pbam last year. Not because I dont want to share it, but because of my own perfectionism. Hopefully finding a Beta will allow me to stoo focusing on errors and just finish some dang stories!

Pairings I write/Have written in the past include: Eames/Arthur (Inception), Illya/Napoleon (Uncle), Gustave/Dmitri (Grand udapest), Watson/Holmes (ritchieverse), Boyd/Raylan (Justified), Craig/Tweek (South Park), Lamont/Worth (HiNaBN), Thor/Loki (Marvel), Steve/Tony (Marvel), Dean/Cas (Spn), Sam/Lucifer (Spn), Harvey/Mike (Suits), Vlad/Vlad (Young Doctors Notebook), Zoro/Sanji (One Piece), Ladd/Claire (Baccano), Musashi/Hiruma (Eyeshield), Todou/Maki (Yowa Pedal), + Others Idr
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